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Ace Mold

Your Mold Removal Specialists



Mold Inspection


Ace Mold Proof’s quality inspections include a visual assessment, photo documentation, moisture reading, moisture intrusion identity, relative humidity (RH) and condensation reading, prevention and correction recommendation, and much more.

Mold Remediation

 We ensure successful remediation of mold for any size job. Our technicians are certified and continuously trained in all of the latest technologies, techniques, and equipment. We are very proud that our staff consistently ranks in the top-tier of remediation specialists.

Mold Testing


We use a qualified, accredited and insured third party when testing for mold in your home or business. Passing the test performed by a third party not involved with the remediation is a crucial step for you, the consumer. This determines unbiased whether or not mold removal efforts were successful.

Ace provides the finest remediation, moisture control, and mold removal in Davidson, Rutherford, and surrounding counties. We have served Nashville and Middle Tennessee with honesty and integrity for several years and are now also serving Southern Kentucky and counties outside of the Middle Tennessee area.

Our technicians are specifically trained and certified to inspect and identify the best possible solutions for your problems.

We apply the most up to date and current techniques in the industry while safety is our primary concern. Contact us today to receive your FREE mold or moisture inspection and quote.