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Tips to Keep Mold Allergies at Bay While Traveling

Tips to Keep Mold Allergies at Bay While Traveling

If you experience allergies over several seasons, you may be allergic to mold spores. Unfortunately, mold lives everywhere. When traveling, you increase your risk of being exposed to this potential health hazard.

Today we are offering 4 tips to keep mold allergies at bay while traveling.


1. Pack Essential Medications
When traveling, ensure that you pack all of your essential allergy medications. Utilizing a saline nose spray twice daily will assist in flushing out mold spores that you have inhaled throughout the day. Packing a corticosteroid inhaler and dust mask are also essentials when traveling for those prone to mold-related allergies.


2. Allergy-Friendly Hotel Rooms
Many hotels now offer allergy-friendly hypoallergenic rooms. While not always advertised, allergy-friendly rooms can be requested at a growing number of hotels. Each room is thoroughly cleaned for common allergens such as bacteria and dust mites. The heater and air conditioner are sanitized, and medical grade air purification systems, microfiber pillowcases and mattress covers ensure you are enjoying a great night’s sleep in a 99.9% allergen-free room.

If allergy-friendly rooms are unavailable at your hotel of choice, there are a number of steps you can take to combat mold. Requesting a room away from the swimming pool will help reduce the amount of mold you are exposed to, as the swimming pool area contains a higher concentration of mold spores. You may also consider bringing along a mold spray, which is available in the cleaning supply aisle of your local home improvement store. The spray can be used to kill mold and remove dust in air conditioning systems, adding an extra layer of protection against mold.


3. Keep the Windows Shut
While you may want to enjoy the warm midnight breeze, mold spurs are airborne. Keeping your windows shut at all times is key in reducing your exposure.


4. Avoid Mold Prone Locations
When traveling, avoid sources of outdoor mold, which include wet leaves and garden debris. Taking a hike in the park is always enjoyable, but picking a drier location less prone to mold is best. Your allergies will thank you later.


While we are the go-to source for mold remediation services in Tennessee and Kentucky, we cannot be everywhere at once. We want to ensure that you have a happy and healthy trip. Whether you are on the road for two weeks or two months, following these four simple tips will keep mold allergies at bay.

Safe travels!