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Mold Prevention Tips

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold – the unwanted, dreaded fungus that can grow virtually anywhere. While mold remediation is our specialty, we also want to help you protect your home. Today, we are discussing 5 mold prevention tips to keep your household healthy and mold-free.


1. Dry Wet Clothes

Leaving wet laundry in the washing machine leads to unpleasant smelling clothing and mold growth. After the wash cycle is completed, immediately hang dry your clothing, or transfer them to the dryer.


Tip: Setting an alarm for your wash cycle is a great habit to form if you need an extra reminder.


2. Wipe Down Shower Walls After Bathing

After a shower, moisture remains on the bath or shower walls, which leads to mold growth. Wipe down the walls with a towel or squeegee after every use. It is important to ensure your entire family partakes in this important mold-preventing task.


3. Reduce Humidity Levels in Your Home

Mold thrives in humid conditions. Purchasing a dehumidifier is a great investment, especially in our humid and muggy Tennessee summers.


You may also choose to install a hygrometer in your home, which will monitor mold levels. Your home should be below 60 percent in order to prevent mold growth, and ideally fall between 35 to 55 percent relative humidity.


If your home is at 60 percent humidity or above, it is time to call in the experts. Humidly at or above the 60 percent mark is a warning sign for bigger and more costly problems, and is the ideal environment for mold growth. We have the tools needed to inspect and test for mold, and develop a plan to contain, remove, and verify that all mold has been removed from your household. At Ace Mold Proof, our priority is ensuring you live in a safe, and healthy household.


4. Prevent Moisture With Proper Ventilation

In order to prevent mold in your home, proper ventilation in your laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchen are key. Ventilation should be routed to the outside of your home, not your attic. In addition, you should increase your home’s ventilation, and utilize exhaust fans when you are cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing. Dehumidifiers and AC units should be used to reduce moisture in your home, and need to be cleaned out periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


5. Utilize Mold-Resistant Products in Your Home

When possible, utilize mold-resistant products for a more mold resilient home. If you are completing a renovation, or building a new home, invest in mold resistant sheetrock and drywall. Traditional drywall is highly susceptible to mold, and is extremely difficult to rid of mold once it occurs.


Having a mold inspection performed by a professional and reliable mold proof service is your first line of defense. Prevention is key in saving your valuable time, money, and home. If you have questions about mold prevention, or would like to schedule a free comprehensive mold inspection, give us a call today at 615-921-1483.