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Mold Inspection and Testing



Getting some background information, understanding the history of your property and health concerns that you may have will help us (and you) determine the best, safest and most effective solution for your home or business.

Walking through your property allows us to gather information about its current condition and define the source of your problem. We do a deep dive to make sure your home is safe and healthy. There could be areas where problems may be concealed. We are looking for potential structural moisture content, visible and non-visible contamination, water intrusion (or moisture release), or even potential water damage to your home. In some cases, the more intrusive actions might be necessary to uncover issues in restricted spaces and/or behind walls. In all cases, we will make sure you are aware of what we need to do and get prior approval from you.



A preliminary determination is a conclusion that identifies actual or potential mold growth, known or suspected areas of moisture intrusion, whether or not the assistance of an air test is necessary to conduct a formal assessment of these conditions, or whether other specialized experts need to perform other services.



From the previous steps we will have enough information to recommend specific services, develop procedures and protocols as well as set specifications for the project. At minimum, considerations for your project should be: containment, pressure differentials, hazardous or regulated materials, safety and health provisions, contaminated material removal and handling, detail cleaning, disposal, post-remediation evaluation and verification, containment removal and moisture controls.