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How to Remove Mold Smell From Clothing

How to Remove Mold Smell From Clothing

After a busy day, you may have forgotten to throw the clothes in the dryer, leaving an unpleasant mold scent on your clothing. Don’t fret, a quick fix will do the trick!


How To

  • Fill washing machine with clothing and detergent
  • Add 1 cup of baking soda or white vinegar to the water or in the detergent compartment
  • Wash load as normal
  • Dry or hang up your load


This simple routine will remove the mold smell from your clothing, and leave them feeling good as new!


Do you find that your clothes often smell of mold? There may be an issue with your washing machine. If you own a front-loading washing machine, you are more likely to experience mold and mildew growth over time, as the design often traps moisture.


Quick Fix

  • Pour precarbonate solution in the detergent compartment
  • Add vinegar to the fabric softener compartment
  • Run washer on ‘sanitary’ cycle
  • After cycle is complete, dry out gasket with a towel and leave the door open


Whether you need a one-time fix, or a simple cleaning cycle, removing a mold scent from clothing or towels is as easy as 1-2-3.