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2017 April

How to Remove Mold Smell From Clothing

After a busy day, you may have forgotten to throw the clothes in the dryer, leaving an unpleasant mold scent on your clothing. Don’t fret, a quick fix will do the trick!   How To Fill washing machine with clothing and detergent Add 1 cup of baking soda or white vinegar to the water or

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How to Test For Mold

Mold is a common fungus that can grow in your house in as little as 24 hours. Reproduction occurs through microscopic seeds known as spores, and can cause severe respiratory issues to your loved ones and costly damage to your home.   If you suspect mold growth in your home, we have the solution for

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Ways Mold Can Ruin Your Life

Mold requires 3 components to thrive – a source of food, moisture, and time. When these 3 components are combined, mold has the opportunity to grow in virtually any environment, especially when warmer temperatures are present.  Unfortunately, mold is extremely common in residential households, and has the potential to ruin your life, affecting your health,

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